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Loan Broker Branding & Graphic Design

Loan Broker Branding

The most successful commercial loan brokers stand out from the crowd.  They get a regular stream of referrals and repeat business because they are the industry leaders.  They are professional.  They are trusted.  And they deliver a top quality service.

Or at least that is the market’s perception. The truth is that we judge books by their covers, and we judge companies by a brief glance at their website and marketing materials.  This means that to earn business your branding and marketing for your brokerage need to be top notch.  And that is where our team of industry specialists comes in.

Your Unique Custom Logo

Your logo is the visual heart of your brokerage.  It is present on all of your marketing materials, and becomes the anchor for your company’s identity in the minds of your clients and referral partners. This means it is essential that your logo is both unique and professional.  Our team has you covered on both accounts.  

We start by understanding you and your vision for your company. Based on that, we create a set of initial design concepts for your new loan broker logo.  Once you’ve had the chance to review the concepts in detail, we gather your input and launch into the revision process.  We then go back and forth creating new designs, gathering your input, and further revising the designs, to make sure that the final version perfectly captures the heart of your company.  Once the designs are finalized, we then provide you with your new logo in a variety of formats you can use for everything from email auto-signatures to billboards.

For A Loan Broker, Marketing Is Art And Science.


Our Team Sculpts Theoretical Physics In Marble.

Brochures & Sales Prospectus

In conversations with your prospective clients, referral partners, and funding sources you need to stand out as the very best option in such a busy marketplace. A critical part of this process, your marketing materials need to say the right things in the right way, and to look great while doing it.  Our team has spent years perfecting and polishing the most effective marketing messaging for loan brokerages, and now we are giving all of the access to you.

Your brochures, folders, and sales prospectus are all customized to your unique brand and company. They are first and foremost designed to tell the story of what makes you great.  But in addition, we also include the critical points that we know you need to make in order to close more deals and get more referrals.  

 We give you a leg up by making sure that your marketing tools answer the questions that are bouncing around in the back of prospects minds, addressing concerns before they ever become and obstacle to closing the loan.  And once your designs are finalized, your custom design sales materials are again shipped directly to your doorstep!

Business Cards & Letterhead

As a loan broker, your business cards and letterhead make a big impression.  Your business card is usually the first piece of marketing materials a referral partner or potential client will receive, and it is often the only piece that they will keep. This means that your business card needs to catch their attention and make a strong and professional first impression. Your letterhead, on the other hand, plays a critical role in supporting your company’s identity with each and every subsequent communication that you have with clients.

Our design process for letterhead and business cards for loan brokers is very similar to our logo design process.  We start by understanding your vision, and based on that create a series of unique and eye grabbing  design concepts to match your brand.  We then gather your feedback and revise the designs until they are perfect.  Finally, we ship your new cards and letterhead directly to your doorstep, as well as sending you all of the digital art and design files for your new marketing tools.

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