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Loan Broker Training

Comprehensive Training

Our program starts with five days of intensive, in-person training.  The training is done in small groups to ensure that you have easy access to your instructor and ample opportunity to have each and every one of your questions answered. Our training is built around a highly systematized approach to marketing your business, packaging loans, and closing deals.  The training walks you through in depth, step by step instructions and real world examples. Best of all, you learn by joining practice sessions where you do live role playing, getting immediate feedback to perfect your pitch before you move into real life situations.

Ask us for a syllabus to see what will be covered, or visit the Commercial Loan Broker Institute to join a webinar outlining the program.

Inside Lending Sources

To be successful as a loan broker, you need to match the unique needs of each client with lenders who are looking for that specific industry or business model. This means that you need to have strong relationships with a huge variety of lenders

Our program covers this fully. We believe in offering your clients a variety of choices, and so we’ve built you a lender network to enable this. Our unique 5 X 5 program connects you with a minimum of five partner lenders for each of the most common loan categories and types. This ensures that you can offer a variety of competitive bids to 99% of your loan applicants.

In this business trust is paramount, so we also make sure that you develop personal relationships with your lenders. You will meet them in person, shake their hands, have all of your questions answered, and build the types of connections that will make you a success in this business.

Want to learn more about the full program?

Check out the Commercial Loan Broker Institute.

Full Custom Branding

We believe you need more than great training to launch a successful company — you need a strong, unique brand.  Our program covers this as well.

Complete custom design is included for your logo, business cards, and website. We start by gathering your input, your preferred layouts, examples of sites and logos you like, color preferences, and more.  Based on your input, we create your designs from scratch.  Our team then works with you on a period of unlimited design revisions, perfecting your new brand so that it is exactly what you want.

Once everything is finalized we then provide you with all of your digital files, code your website, print your business cards, and publicly launch your new company face.

Students Get A Complete “Done For You” Marketing Toolbox,

Automating The Process Of Building Strong Relationships.

Comprehensive, Automated Marketing

Marketing is an ongoing process of building deeper and stronger relationships with a wider and wider network of businesses that need your services.  This means that marketing is not a once and done process.  In fact, the most effective marketing strategies build a larger and larger list of connections month after month.

Our program has you covered at each step in this process.  We start with the PowerPoints and pitch decks that you will use in your meetings, branding all of them with your logo and colors.

But the real focus is on your ongoing marketing month after month. Twice each month we go in and post articles for you on your personal website, creating a steady stream of fresh content to show prospective clients that you are an industry thought leader.

We then build a customer relationship management system (CRM) customized to your unique needs as a broker. We set it up for your business and provide you with full training on how to use it, moving leads through each step in your sales funnel.

Through this system we provide you with ongoing marketing automation. We make sure that any new contacts you add automatically receive a drip campaign of professionally written emails, earning their trust while educating them about what you offer. We also send two additional newsletters to your contacts each month containing new articles.

We Believe Your Financing Should Meet Your Unique Needs.

Meet the low rates and fast approval process you have been searching for.