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Online Marketing for Loan Brokers


Search Engine Marketing for Loan Brokers

Search engine optimization, or SEO for loan brokers, is a critical part of your marketing toolbox.  Each day, thousands of businesses are searching for funding.  They can find your brokerage, or they can find your competitor.  Who they will call depends on how your website ranks on search engines.

Our team of specialists starts with researching keywords and customer behavior in your local market.  They examine how many people search for hundreds of potential keywords each day, and compare this against the competition level for each of those keywords.  Based on the findings, we come to you with recommendations on the best keywords and phrases to target.

Once your keywords are selected, we turn to optimizing your website.  We tweak your content to properly use the targeted terms, including polishing the copy on your pages, headings, and meta-tags.    We then move on to the back linking process, building a wide variety of quality links pointing back to your site, including articles, press releases, and social media posts.

Finally, we provide you with transparent tracking of both our work and  the results that your brokerage is receiving.  At any time you can log into your tracking portal to see how your site is ranking for all of your targeted keywords.

Social Media for Loan Brokers

Social media has fundamentally transformed how we communicate.  From making new connections to deepening relationships with people who we already know, social media has become an indispensable tool for growing your business.  However, it can also be a huge time vampire.  If you don’t know what content to post, how to find the right people to connect with, and proper online etiquette, it is easy to invest a lot of time in social media without producing any results or new clients.

Our social media marketing for loan brokers handles all of this for you.  Our team of experts lives and breathes social media.  Your manager starts by creating profiles for you on the leading social media networks, handling all of the set up, graphic design, and content development.  Once your profiles are up, we then turn to content development.  We make sure that you look like an online rockstar, posting funding tips and industry news daily across all of your networks.  You spend your time running your business, while our team works behind the scenes to make sure that new contacts find you online, receive regular updates from your profiles, and come to view you as the industry leader they can trust with their funding needs.

Here At Alternative Funding Partners We Are A Unique Blend. 


Our Specialists Are Loan Brokers AND Marketing Experts.

Loan Broker Blogging

In order to close more deals more quickly, you need a steady stream of leads coming into your brokerage.  And to attract them, you need to stand out from your competition as the leading expert.  In other words, potential clients and referral partners need to be shown that you are a trusted thought leader in your niche.

To make this easy, our commercial loan broker blogging program provides you with a steady stream of high quality articles.  The process starts with developing a deep understanding of the unique focus of your firm.  We then customize article topics to match your niche, whether that is real estate financing, SBA loans, factoring, creative funding solutions, or another specialty.

We draft and then polish the articles for you, develop matching graphics, and post each new article directly on your site.  The blog on your website quickly builds a large repository of articles that search engines love, and that you can point potential clients and referral partners towards in your conversations.  This program ensures that you come across as a true expert, while freeing up your time to meet all the other demands of your business.

Commercial Broker Newsletters

Email is still the number one method of communication in today’s business world.  It is omnipresent — checking our email inbox on computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones has become a daily (if not hourly) ritual.  This makes email one of the most effective tools for staying in touch with potential clients and referral partners.

Our commercial broker newsletter solution saves you time and headaches by taking this work off of your shoulders.  Just as in our loan broker blogging program, we start by understanding your brokerage’s unique approach. Our team then creates a newsletter design and layout to match your firm’s branding.  Our specialist will also upload your preferred list of contacts into the database, ready for sending.  

We then draft newsletters filled with useful articles and helpful tips specific to your niche. These newsletters are sent to contacts on a regular basis, keeping you at the front of their minds for any funding needs and potential referrals.

You are left free to run your business, networking and closing deals, while we work in the background to make sure that you are seen as the local expert.

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