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Our Process


What Makes Our Process Different?

AFP’s process is proven, straightforward and supports or mission to get more deals done faster. Our approach focuses on developing and delivering a “5 P’s” professional and competitive credit request to the most appropriate lender(s) in our extensive portfolio.


Our comprehensive BestMatch(sm) application eliminates most of the back and forth normally associated with the application process.  AFP ensures that you provide all the necessary information up-front to make it cleaner and easier for lenders to review and fund your request without a lot of the usual Q&A.

Packaging & Presentation

A professional package tailored to the unique needs of lenders is key to “telling your story” and fine tuning your request to present your business and credit need in the best light. It’s a simple fact that the best packages get the best results. Rest assured that AFP will work with you every step of the way to create a compelling proposition.


Finding the most appropriate lender(s) is an art.  With more than 50 quality capital source partners in or portfolio, we know their respective appetites for particular types of loans.  We don’t waste their time or yours.  We do all the work here to ensure a win-win approach for all.  Lenders receive the right opportunities and clients receive the right terms.  Our reputation is second to none and the trust we’ve developed is why we can boast that 90% of or applicants get placed.


Lenders are bombarded by credit requests and it is vital that your package remains on top of the heap. Our long-standing and personal relationships ensures that our calls are received and our emails receive timely responses which results in quicker funding decisions.


Our 90% placement rate is no accident. It is a result of experience on both the client and lender side of the business, understanding of the market and our win-win approach to all parties involved in the process. Clients profit from our expertise and get the funds they need at the best pricing and our credit partners are presented with quality credit opportunities. And, of course, we win by making matches that payoff for all and doing this time and time again.