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Being denied a loan can be a huge blow for the person in need of funding. But bankers’ hands are often tied by regulations, leaving them able to only provide funding for those with exceptional credit history. This leaves a huge amount of loan applications with no funding options.

These people will often give up and consider their loan a lost cause. As a business loan broker, your first priority is locating funding for clients – and those who have been turned down by the bank are your best opportunity for a payday! Just because the bank denied their loan does not mean they are unable to repay or don’t deserve the funding. Your extensive network of lenders will allow you to find the best loan for your client. The ability to offer a loan after someone has been denied will not only build business for your brokerage, but it will also build your reputation as a trusted advisor.

Banks are often reluctant to provide loans to many small businesses as they are seen as a huge risk. Small businesses do not usually have the cashflow that a larger business has and so banks will deny a small business loan application approximately 60% of the time. Of the businesses within that 60%, 80% could be the perfect clients for you to provide funding. It may take you a little bit of research and some extra work, but the rewards of providing funding far outweigh the risks.


Business owners in need of funding will appreciate the extra effort you put into securing them a loan. This often leads to more referrals and in turn, more paydays!

It’s a Two-Way Street

As an alternative loan broker, you earn commissions on every loan. Just another reason for you to work extra hard to get those lenders working with your clients.  And, providing  funding to small businesses helps build the economy and provides jobs and services to the general public. You should always consider this fact when helping a business to secure a loan.


Bank turndowns are your top opportunity for providing funding. Get your name out to every bank in your area. Let them know that you can help them find funding for their denied clients, and at the same time help bankers retain these customer relationships. Meet in person, offer a referral program as incentive, and start working alongside the banks to provide small business loans to those who need them most.

Although you may think bank turn-downs are too high-risk, these are your best opportunity for funding. You should be actively looking for clients and referrals based on the fact that you have a huge network of qualified lenders!